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Twelfth Night

April 26 to October 26 | Opens May 27

Director Seana McKenna’s production of Shakespeare’s delightful comedy Twelfth Night will feature Laura Condlln as Malvolio and Jessica B. Hill as Viola, with Sarah Dodd as Maria, Deborah Hay as Feste, Vanessa Sears as Olivia, André Sills as Orsino, Scott Wentworth as Sir Toby Belch, and Rylan Wilkie as Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

The cast also includes Hilary Adams, David Collins (Captain), Nick Dolan, Thomas Duplessie, Austin Eckert (Sebastian), Jenna-Lee Hyde, Andrew Iles (Valentine), John Kirkpatrick (Priest), Jonathan Mason, Marissa Orjalo, Glynis Ranney, Antonette Rudder, Michael Spencer-Davis (Fabian) and Emilio Vieira (Antonio).

In addition to Seana McKenna, the creative team includes Set and Costume Designer Christina Poddubiuk, Lighting Designer Bonnie Beecher, Composer Paul Shilton and Sound Designer Verne Good.

In this celebrated romantic comedy, Viola finds herself shipwrecked in a foreign country. Seeking safety and income, she disguises herself as a young man, Cesario, and gains employment with Count Orsino, who is pining for his beloved Olivia. Drama arises in a tangle of mistaken identities and passions, with Olivia falling for Cesario, whose heart belongs to Orsino, who is still smitten with Olivia. When Viola’s twin brother appears, complications peak.


Something Rotten!

April 16 to October 27 | Opens May 28

This hilarious new musical will hit the Stratford stage in a production directed and choreographed by Donna Feore, featuring Henry Firmston as Nigel Bottom, Jeff Lillico as Shakespeare, and Mark Uhre as Nick Bottom, with Dan Chameroy as Nostradamus, Juan Chioran as Brother Jeremiah, Steve Ross as Shylock and Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane as Portia.

The cast will also include Eric Abel, Gabriel Antonacci, Michelle Bardach, Carla Bennett, Devon Michael Brown, Jeremy Carver-James, Jarret Cody, Josh Doig, Jordan Goodridge, Alexandra Gratton, Bonnie Jordan, Alex Kelly, Heather Kosik, Bethany Kovarik, Amanda Lundgren, Gracie Mack, Anthony MacPherson, Jordan Mah, Kevin McLachlan, Jamie Murray, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah (Lady Clapham) and Jason Sermonia.

In addition to Donna Feore, the creative team includes Music Director Laura Burton, Set and Costume Designer Michael Gianfrancesco, Lighting Designer Bonnie Beecher and Sound Designer Haley Parcher.

Brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom are struggling playwrights in Renaissance London and they desperately need a hit. That’s easier said than done when your chief competition is William Shakespeare. Nick visits a soothsayer who predicts that the next great thing in theatre will be something called “a musical.” Wary but trusting, the brothers set off to create a new theatrical genre – only to find Shakespeare wants in on the act. Featuring songs like “God, I Hate Shakespeare”, “Will Power” and “Hard to Be the Bard”, the Tony Award-winning musical Something Rotten! is a rollicking song-and-dance extravaganza that sends up the Bard and Broadway – and everything in between.


Romeo and Juliet

May 6 to October 26 | Opens June 1

Director Sam White’s production of Shakespeare’s heartbreaking tragedy Romeo and Juliet will feature Jonathan Mason as Romeo and Vanessa Sears as Juliet, with Graham Abbey as Capulet, Jessica B. Hill as Lady Capulet, Andrew Iles as Mercutio, Glynis Ranney as Nurse, and Scott Wentworth as Friar Lawrence.

The cast will also include Hilary Adams, David Collins, Howard Dai (Gregory), Nick Dolan (Escalus), Thomas Duplessie (Peter), Austin Eckert (Paris), Steven Hao (Benvolio), Jenna-Lee Hyde, John Kirkpatrick (Balthasar, Friar John), Derek Kwan, Marissa Orjalo, Antonette Rudder (Lady Montague), Michael Spencer-Davis (Montague), Emilio Vieira (Tybalt), Rylan Wilkie and Angus Yam.

In addition to Sam White, the creative team includes Set and Costume Designer Sue Lepage, Lighting Designer Louise Guinand and Composer and Sound Designer Debashis Sinha.

When two young star-crossed lovers lock eyes across a crowded dance floor, their fate – and the fate of two rival families, the Capulets and Montagues – is sealed. The most celebrated romance of all time, Romeo and Juliet is a cautionary tale, timeless in its warning against insatiable revenge, blind hatred and familial pride.


London Assurance

August 7 to October 25 | Opens August 22

Directed by Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino, the hilarious Victorian comedy London Assurance will feature Geraint Wyn Davies as Sir Harcourt Courtly, with Austin Eckert as Charles Courtly, Deborah Hay as Lady Gay Spanker, Marissa Orjalo as Grace Harkaway, Michael Spencer-Davis as Adolphus Spanker, Emilio Vieira as Richard Dazzle and Rylan Wilkie as Cool.

The cast will also include Graham Abbey (Mark Meddle), Hilary Adams (Pert), Bola Aiyeola, David Collins (Max Harkaway), Joella Crichton, Sarah Dodd, Nick Dolan, Thomas Duplessie, Jenna-Lee Hyde, Andrew Iles, John Kirkpatrick, Jonathan Mason, Glynis Ranney, Antonette Rudder, Vanessa Sears and Scott Wentworth (Constable Solomon Isaacs).

In addition to Antoni Cimolino, the creative team includes Set and Lighting Designer Lorenzo Savoini, Costume Designer Francesca Callow, Composer Wayne Kelso and Sound Designer Ranil Sonnadara.

This delightful comedy follows Sir Harcourt Courtly, an over-the-hill London fop, as he arrives at Oak Hall to claim his wealthy and scandalously young bride. But Courtly’s plan for a get-rich-quick weekend in the country is scuttled by the arrival of his dissolute son, Charles, disguised as “Augustus Hamilton,” and the witty Lady Gay Spanker. Celebrated as one of the great British stage comedies, London Assurance is a brilliant precursor to the works of Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw.



La Cage aux Folles

May 6 to October 26 | Opens May 31

The hit musical La Cage aux Folles, directed by Thom Allison, will feature Sean Arbuckle as Georges and Steve Ross as Albin, with Juan Chioran as Edouard Dindon and M. Renaud, James Daly as Jean-Michel, Aidan deSalaiz as Francis and Heather Kosik as Anne.

The cast will also include Eric Abel (Hanna), George Absi (Angelique), David Ball (Phaedra), Devon Michael Brown, Jeremy Carver-James, Josh Doig (Chantal), Jordan Goodridge (Mercedes), Alexandra Gratton (Colette), Sara-Jeanne Hosie (Mme. Dindon, Mme. Renaud), Alex Kelly, Amanda Lundgren, Ayrin Mackie (Babette), Anthony MacPherson, Kevin McLachlan, Jamie Murray, David Andrew Reid (Bitelle), Jason Sermonia (Tabarro) and Chris Vergara (Jacob).

In addition to Thom Allison, the creative team includes Choreographer Cameron Carver, Music Director Franklin Brasz, Set Designer Brandon Kleiman, Costume Designer David Boechler, Lighting Designer Kimberly Purtell and Sound Designer Brian Kenny.

Jean-Michel and Anne are deeply in love and about to get married. The only problem is their parents. Anne’s father is a politician and head of the Tradition, Family and Morality Party. Jean-Michel was raised by his two fathers, Georges, a drag club owner, and Albin, the club’s star performer. Before the wedding occurs the two couples must be introduced. The ensuing clash unravels truth and consequences with heartwarming grace. Winner of 11 Tony Awards and two Oliviers, La Cage aux Folles was also adapted into the hit blockbuster movie, The Bird Cage, starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams.


Wendy and Peter Pan

May 21 to October 27 | Opens June 15

Director Thomas Morgan Jones will direct the North American première of Wendy and Peter Pan featuring Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks and Jake Runeckles in the title roles. The production will also feature Laura Condlln as Hook, Nestor Lozano Jr. as Tink and Tara Sky as Tiger Lily.

The cast also includes George Absi (Nibs), Sean Arbuckle (Mr. Darling), David Ball, Noah Beemer (John), James Daly (Martin), Aidan deSalaiz (Pirate), Justin Eddy (Michael), Sara-Jeanne Hosie (Smee), Wahsontí:io Kirby (Tootles), Ayrin Mackie (Doc Swain), Marcus Nance (Doc Giles, Crocodile, Skylights), David Andrew Reid (Pirate), Agnes Tong (Mrs. Darling) and Chris Vergara (Tom).

In addition to Thomas Morgan Jones, the creative team includes Choreographer Jera Wolfe, Set and Costume Designer Robin Fisher, Associate Set and Costume Designer Julia Holbert, Lighting Designer Arun Srinivasan and Composer and Sound Designer Romeo Candido.

Ella Hickson’s beautiful adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s beloved Peter Pan puts Wendy centre stage in a reimagined journey to Neverland, home of Hook and the Lost Boys. This thoroughly modern adventure delivers the same unforgettable thrills, spills and fairy dust of the original tale, along with a powerfully moving twist. Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, it opened to rave reviews and now the Stratford Festival has secured the rights to the North American première.


Salesman in China

August 3 to October 26 | Opens August 23

The world première of Salesman in China, directed by Jovanni Sy, will feature Tom McCamus as Arthur Miller. Jo Chim will play Wu Shiliang.

The cast includes Harriet Chung (Auntie Zhao, Hui Li, Chinese Opera Performer), Howard Dai (Ding, Policeman), Justin Eddy (Chinese Opera Performer), Steven Hao (Li Shilong), Kim Horsman, Phoebe Hu (Zhu Lin), Derek Kwan (Cao Yu, Ying Qianli, Mo, Street Busker), Nestor Lozano Jr. (Chinese Opera Performer), Gordon S. Miller (Samuel Rosicky), Sarah Orenstein (Inge Morath), Agnes Tong (Miss Chen, Qiu, Patron), Nick Fangzheng Wang and Angus Yam (Mi Tiezeng, Red Guard).

Salesman in China is written by Leanna Brodie and Jovanni Sy. In addition to Director Jovanni Sy, the creative team includes Set Designer Joanna Yu, Costume Designer Ming Wong, Lighting Designer Sophie Tang, Composer and Sound Designer Alessandro Juliani and Co-Projection Designers Caroline MacCaull and Sammy Chien.

In 1983 Arthur Miller travels to China to collaborate with another giant of the theatre, actor and translator Ying Ruocheng. Their vision is to mount a Mandarin version of Death of a Salesman with Ying in the iconic role of Willy Loman and Miller directing (despite not speaking a word of Chinese). They soon confront the challenges of staging a play about the American Dream in the heart of Communist China. Against enormous obstacles and with the world watching, Ying and Miller must discover whether art can indeed build bridges between two seemingly irreconcilable cultures.




May 10 to September 28 | Opens May 29

Director Esther Jun’s production of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline will feature Allison Edwards-Crewe as Imogen and Lucy Peacock as Cymbeline, with Jonathan Goad as Belarius, Jordin Hall as Posthumus, Irene Poole as Pisanio and Tyrone Savage as Iachimo.

The cast will also incluce Christopher Allen (Cloten), Noah Beemer (Arviragus), Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks (Philarmonous), Matthew Kabwe (Caius Lucius), Wahsontí:io Kirby (Cornelius), Josue Laboucane (Philario), Julie Lumsden (Helen), Evan Mercer, Marcus Nance (Jupiter), Jennifer Rider-Shaw, Rick Roberts (Duke), Jake Runeckles (Lady in Waiting), Anthony Santiago (Sicillius) and Tara Sky (Queen Soldier).

In addition to Esther Jun, the creative team includes Set and Lighting Designer Echo Zhou, Costume Designer Michelle Bohn and Sound Designer Olivia Wheeler.

Forbidden love. Familial strife. Political intrigue. In Cymbeline, the final play from Shakespeare’s First Folio, the playwright fuses romance, comedy and tragedy to create a unique fantasia brimming with mistaken identities and gender-swapping disguises. Set in an ancient British kingdom, the story introduces Imogen, one of Shakespeare’s most beloved heroines, as well as the dastardly Iachimo, a worthy contender for all-time greatest villain.


Hedda Gabler

April 25 to September 28 | Opens May 30

Director Molly Atkinson’s production of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler will feature Sara Topham in the title role, with Tom McCamus as Judge Brack and Gordon S. Miller as Tesman.

The cast also includes Bola Aiyola (Juliana), Joella Crichton (Mrs. Elvsted), Allison Edwards-Crewe, Jordin Hall, Kim Horsman (Bertha), Josue Laboucane, Jennifer Rider-Shaw and Tyrone Savage.

In addition to Molly Atkinson, the creative team features Set and Costume Designer Lorenzo Savoini, Lighting Designer Kaileigh Krysztofiak and Composer and Sound Designer Mishelle Cuttler.

In Hedda, Henrik Ibsen created one of the most fascinating heroines of the stage. Newly married to a man she finds uninteresting, Hedda becomes reacquainted with an old friend, a historian like her husband, with a fatal flaw that Hedda exploits out of jealousy. Ibsen, thought to be the father of modern drama, brings all of his skill to the character of Hedda, building an intricate psychological portrait of a woman out of step with her surroundings.

The Diviners

August 7 to October 2 | Opens August 24

The world première of The Diviners, directed by Krista Jackson with Geneviève Pelletier, will feature Irene Poole as Morag, with Jesse Gervais as Jules, Jonathan Goad as Christie, Josue Laboucane as Lazarus, and Julie Lumsden as Pique.

The cast also includes Christopher Allen (Lachlan), Gabriel Antonacci (Gord), Michelle Bardach, Carla Bennett, Dan Chameroy (Brooke), Jarret Cody, Allison Edwards-Crewe (Crispin), Henry Firmston, Bonnie Jordan, Bethany Kovarik, Gracie Mack, Jordan Mah, Evan Mercer, Jennifer Rider-Shaw, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Anthony Santiago (Royland), Tyrone Savage (Gus), Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane and Sara Topham (Eva, Duchess).

In addition to Krista Jackson and Geneviève Pelletier, the creative team includes Cameron Carver, Choreographer; Bretta Gerecke, Set and Lighting Designer; Jeff Chief, Costume Designer; Andrina Turenne, Composer; and MJ Dandeneau, Musical Arrangements, Sound Designer and Music Director.

Considered a masterpiece of Canadian literature, Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners is the story of Morag Gunn, a woman who perseveres through every challenge life throws at her to become the person she was meant to be. Adapted by a team of some of Canada’s best theatre creators, The Diviners points us towards a path where we might reconcile with the injustices of our colonial past and achieve a collective peace.



The Goat or, Who is Sylvia?

June 26 to September 29 | Opens August 9.

Dean Gabourie’s production of Edward Albee’s The Goat or, Who is Sylvia? features Lucy Peacock as Stevie and Rick Roberts as Martin, with Matthew Kabwe as Ross.

In addition to Dean Gabourie, the creative team includes Set and Costume Designer Shawn Kerwin, Lighting Designer Kaileigh Krystofiak and Sound Designer Adam Campbell.

Martin is turning 50 and is at the top of his game. He has just become the youngest architect to win the prestigious Pritzker Prize. He has a perfect marriage and a loving son. But he can’t remember a damned thing! Probed by his best friend about his distraction, Martin makes a startling confession, one that will tear his life apart. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, this drama was written by Edward Albee in 2000 and won the Tony Award for best play in 2002.


Get That Hope

July 21 to September 28 | Opens August 10

The world première of Get That Hope, directed by André Sills, will feature Kaleb Alexander as Simeon Whyte, Celia Aloma as Rachel Whyte, Conrad Coates as Richard Whyte and Kim Roberts as Margaret Whyte, with Jennifer Villaverde as Millicent Flores.

Get That Hope is written by Andrea Scott. In addition to André Sills, the creative team includes Set and Costume Designer Sarah Uwadiae, Lighting Designer Steve Lucas and Sound Designer Maddie Bautista.

Richard Whyte is determined to celebrate Jamaican Independence Day in style. The rice is soaking, the ginger beer is cooling but his squabbling family has other ideas. Over the course of a single sweltering day in Toronto’s Little Jamaica, a lifetime of buried secrets and dreams will surface, forcing a re-examination of true independence.

Here For Now Theatre

Shows to be announced in December 2024

In programming our 2024 Season, I have been striving for balance. An array of stories and genres, comedies, and dramas. For our 5th season (can you believe it?), we will be sharing 5 main productions with you, along with a series of limited engagements made up of productions that have been developed outside of the company and readings of new, exciting plays in early development. I cannot wait to share with you the INCREDIBLE lineup that we have the privilege of producing next summer.

We are aiming to have a season announcement and calendar out before the end of the year, so stay tuned. If you want to be the first to know, join our mailing list using the sign-up form here

-Fiona Mongillo, Artistic Director
HERE FOR NOW 2024 SHOWS....see below


by Jane Cooper Ford

June 19th - July 6th , 2024

In this comedy, an uptight Rosedale couple encounter a hilariously disastrous night when they open-mindedly plan a threesome to save their marriage.




by Steve Ross

July 10th -27th, 2024

A heartfelt, and poignant look into one family's journey towards understanding each other and perhaps even becoming friends along the way.




by Deirdre Kinahan

July 31st- Aug 17th, 2024

A fiercely funny and utterly gripping play charting an extraordinary shift in Ireland’s social, political, and religious life. It asks questions about responsibility, how we respond to trauma, and the tricky question of forgiveness.


by Julia Lederer

Aug 21st - Sept 7th, 2024

An eccentric, edgy comedy about what it costs to give your heart away, and what happens when you discover you actually have one.



Because of the success of last season’s LIMITED ENGAGEMENT SERIES, HFN will also be sprinkling performances throughout their already electric 5-show Season. To announced at a later date.



By Nick Green

Sept 11th - 28th, 2024

At the end of a storied career, violin virtuoso

Margaret gives her final interview to a young, savvy reporter. Aided by her ever charming husband, Margaret must confront secrets and ghosts of the past to face the impossible question: how will she be remembered?